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Artistic Support Grant ESTRUME

Crowdfunding for the artist support grant ESTRUME

estrume 11.png

Estrume is a Portuguese word that means manure. But what do we want with a crowdfunding for performative artists with this name?


The Fogo Lento - Associação Cultural created the Artistic Support Grant ESTRUME to be a 500€ collaborative funding for artists, but also a natural fertilizer in order to support creations and research in the performing arts field, to establish new circular flows of promotion and incentive to culture, as well as facilitating synergies between the audience and artists.

People who contribute to the grant will be rewarded with art pieces and activities developed by the artists that collaborate with the association.

This financial support intends to sensitize civil society to the causes of culture and the arts, sharing with it the responsibility to support the artistic scene.

The support grant ESTRUME will plant seeds in a certainly fertile ground with many possibilities. An artistic project will be chosen through an open call to be supported with the funds raised and to which Fogo Lento - Associação Cultural will provide space for artistic residency.

For donations and more informations:

We are counting on you!!

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