"The body of voice, the voice of body"

As part of the performance "Exposição" research process, the workshop “body of voice, voice of body” has been an opportunity to share the creation process and working tools with the participants.

The physical and vocal warm-up, was focused on participants' movement and vocal patterns, tensions or blockages, and had the objective to stimulate self,space and group awareness. We used the creation of limits as a starting point to develop different physical and vocal ways of expression. 

Afterwards we introduced different materials (plaster, plastic, wood, bricks)to make the body a living sculpture and find new or forgotten ways of moving. Thanks to the instinctive adaptation of the body to a material, each participant modelled his body in a moving figure with its own vocality. We worked on the relationship between the individual and the group, and in the end we built a chorus of bodies and voices, a collective body, the manifestation of a multiple individuality.


The videos in this page, by João Vladimiro are an artistic documentation of the work developed.

The workshop was orientated by:

Costanza Givone, Ece Canli and Sandra Neves.

The participants were: Cláudio Vidal, Diogo Martins, Elisabete Sousa, Gustavo Antunes, José Paulo Gonçalves, Julia Medina, Mariana Castro, Margarida Cabral, Sarah Gelinski, Teresa Fabião e Thamiris Carvalho.