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Practices of boredom and...

The result of research and dialogue with artists from different fields, these practices are born out of the need to slow down, to change our point of view, to stimulate our creativity by reactivating our ability to stop, to observe, to detour and to make unexpected connections.

Studying the mycelial networks that allow trees to communicate led me to look for methods to reactivate contact with what and who surrounds us. To achieve this, we must be innovative and willing to explore new routes. Our focus should be on re- engaging our listening and observation skills, and encouraging diverse interactions to foster sharing and collaboration, much like fungi do with trees to form mycorrhizae (from the Greek mykes: mushroom, rhiza: root, symbiotic association between a green plant and a fungus)

These practices vary in shape but share common aims and theoretical foundations. They emerge after spending time in a place and are developed through the connection with the place and its inhabitants. They may include a tour, a walk, a seminar or correspondence...

Creation: Costanza Givone

Audience: adults and children
Duration and format to be agreed with the host organisation

Practices of boredom and... in CAMPO

23rd of September 2023

The proposed route in the CAMPO space aims to facilitate a deeper connection with the surrounding environment by encouraging visitors to slow down. A path designed with ropes and slate boards invites visitors to stroll around and view the CAMPO space from various angles. People are encouraged to walk, lie down, look, listen, get their hands dirty and finally around a table full of clay, a collective sculpture is being moulded by those who pass by.  

I would especially like to thank Aija Repsa, Joana Gama and Henrique Fernandes for their invaluable contributions to this project.

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