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Inteiração entre celulas do cerebro- Blue Brain project

Micélio - the performance
by Costanza Givone


"Mycelium" is a lecture-performance that emerged from a research project with artists and scientists on the dynamics of collaboration and encounter, taking as its starting point the study of the behaviour of mycelium.
A research that crosses the biology of the fungal kingdom with artistic practices such as polyphonic choir and textile creation is the basis for the creation of a performance that begins as a scientific lecture and transforms into a meeting space where the relationship between the audience takes on unexpected forms.
As the performance progresses, the text acquires new layers of meaning until the formality of the lecture is broken with an invitation to move from idea to practice, from reason to action.
An interactive device, consisting of an installation developed with visual artist Svenja Tiger and singer Clelia Colonna, involves the audience in choreographic, sonic and visual compositions generated by the interaction of bodies and space.
We want this performance to be a living organism capable of embracing the uniqueness of the moment and the group of people present.

Scenic space

Visually we will be inspired by aerial views of cities at night and photographs of mycelium under the microscope. Sound, light and textile materials will create connections between things and people, setting up an action-reaction dynamic between space and participants.

Sound and vocal practice

Clelia Colonna's vocal practice, inspired by polyphonic singing, will serve to develop a dynamic of sound communication between the audience.



Project coordination and conception: Costanza Givone; Stage design: Svenja Tiger; Vocal composition: Clelia Colonna; Scientific consultancy: Sara Barbosa; Lighting: Mariana Figueroa

Residencies: CAMPO/Fogo Lento, Campus - Paulo Cunha e Silva, CRL-Central Elétrica; Production: Fogo lento - associação cultural ; Partnership: Camara Municipal de Gaia; Support: DGArtes

The premiere is scheduled for May 2024.
Target audience: adults and children aged 8 and over

Performers and actors live together in the same large space. The audience can vary between 30 and 90 people depending on the size of the room.

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