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A woman prepares to make a plaster cast of her body. Cover herself with this pasty material and wait. The plaster breaks. Other materials envelop her body, limit and transform it, creating grotesque beings in constant mutation. Mirages of something that was forgotten or simply hidden. Figures that inhabit this woman. Figure, from the Latin theme finguras: mold, model.

Exhibition is a performative work with a strong plastic, visual and sound component. The transformation that takes place in the woman who becomes a mother, the loneliness and the inability to recognize herself in the representations of the feminine with which she grew up, gave the impetus to create a work that reflects on the culturally determined representation of the feminine, in opposition to the existing category free. The performer's use of her own body as raw material for the construction of ephemeral sculptures has been the fuel for investigating the conflict between the public and private self, from an intimate and personal perspective.

Artistic direction/performer: Costanza Givone
Dramaturgical assistance: João Vladimiro
Movement assistance: Susana Gaspar
Musical composition: Ece Canli
Sound design and live composition: Rafael Maia
Objects and scenery: Sandra Neves
Light design: Mariana Figueroa
Video and design: João Vladimiro
Production Director: Francisca Lacerda

Production: Fogo Lento – Associação Cultural Co-production:

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residência artística e apoio:
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