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A studio, a workshop, heaped materials. A woman prepares herself to make a plaster cast. She covers her body with this pasty matter and waits. The plaster breaks. Others materials wrap the body, limit and transform her, creating grotesque beings in constant mutation. Mirages of something that was forgotten or simply hidden. Figures that inhabit this woman and that she embraces. "Figure" from latin: Figura, from the theme fingere:model.

"Molde" is an extension for screen of the perfomance under construction, "Exposição". During the paralysis of performing arts, caused by the public health emergency, I invited the director João Vladimiro to create a video, that would be a cinematographic view on the work in progress for the performance. "Molde" is an experience, where the relationship with the cinematographic medium (camera and editing), allowed us to overtake the limits of the theatrical space and to imagine new solutions for the performance. Through the creation of "Molde" we tried to rediscover the essence of the performance "Exhibition" and expand its communication possibilities. Costanza Givone

Artistic direction, co-creation, interpretation: Costanza Givone; video co-creation and directing: João Vladimiro; musical creation and interpretation: Ece Canli; production: Fogo Lento-Associação Cultural; supports: Municipio and Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras, Circolando; thanks: Pedro Nabais, Frederico Lobo

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Superfícies de contágio

A talk about the creation of "Molde", with André Braga, Solveig Phyllis Rocher, Susana Gaspar e the artistic directors of the movie Costanza Givone e João Vladimiro. An online event organized by Circolando and moderated by Pedro Vilela.

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