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The research

Mycelium is a research and creation project about the relationship between the individual and the collective. The study of the behaviour of mycelium and symbiotic organisms is the starting point for a research that sees communication and exchange as its greatest strength.
The mycelium, the vegetative apparatus of fungi, travels underground in a dense network of connections between plants. It is a vehicle for vital nutrients, it carries information, it has a symbiotic relationship with the roots that makes us wonder where the mycelium begins and where the plant ends. The mycelium makes choices in the pathways it builds and decides, based on the availability of these nutritional elements, how much to give to the plants. In its growth process, its body is connected to the roots of trees without defined boundaries and is able to make choices without having a centralised structure. It seems to act "intelligently", without a brain, body or centre (from the Latin intelligere, from inter and leger: to choose between).

The behaviour of the mycelium is highly inspiring, both because it reveals a highly active subterranean world and because it helps us to think about other types of intelligence and forms of cooperation and communication.
If the capitalist system favours activities that follow the principle of scalability, i.e. requiring the elements of a project to be indifferent to the indeterminacy of the encounter in order to allow easy expansion through the multiplication of elements, the mycelium favours the encounter.
This research has given rise to various manifestations in the form of exercises, workshops, talks and, finally, a performance in which the spectators become part of the action thanks to the creation of a collective dynamic streamlined by the scenic device.

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