Artistic direction/performer: Costanza Givone

Composer: Ece Canli

Live Sound design: Rafael Maia

Objects e Scenography: Sandra Neves

Light design: Mariana Figueroa
Artistic assistant: João Vladimiro e Susana Gaspar

Direction of production: Thamiris Carvalho

Vídeo and design: João Vladimiro

Photography: Danilo Galvão 

Production: Fogo Lento – Associação Cultural

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A studio, a workshop, heaped materials. A woman prepares to make a plaster cast. She covers her body with this pasty matter and waits. The plaster breaks. Others materials wrap the body, limit and transform her, creating grotesque beings in constant mutation. Mirages of something that was forgotten or simply hidden. Figures that inhabit this woman and that she embraces. "Figure" from latin: Figura, from the theme fingere: mold, model.

Exposição is a multidisciplinary  performance that dwells on the conflict between public and private self of women in contemporary Western society. The transformation that takes place during motherhood and the difficulty to fit in the representations of feminine that society offers, led me to create a performance to reflects on the friction between being and appearing. The manipulation of raw materials led the performer into a trip populated by mythical and ordinary figures, inhabitants of her inner world.

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artistic residency and support:
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