Fogo Lento - Cultural Association

Fogo Lento is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2019 to boost artistic creation and training projects with a focus on transdisciplinary creation and mediation of audiences.

The association's spaces are being prepared to accommodate, in the near future, artistic residencies and training activities. They're  located in a farm in Pedroso, Vila Nova de Gaia, and the goal is to transform them into a place where artistic creation, education and agriculture can be contaminated by each other.

In 2019, the association took care of the national tour of the performance "Fogo Lento" and the launch of homonymous book by Raquel S. In 2020, the association's work focuses on the research and production of the performance "Exposição"; a short film co-created by Costanza Givone and Sofia Arriscado (Projeto Par (s), produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli) and the launch of the artistic support grant Estrume, the first step in a broader project, which wants to make the association's spaces a place for research, creation and sharing.


Photo by Susana Neves from the theater play "Fogo Lento" at FIMP - Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto.